Brow Shaping

How We Shape Your Eyebrows

Brow shaping begins before the actual procedure. When you send in your photos (with and without makeup) our artists begin sketching out brows that work on your face. This is an important step because the more familiar we are with your facial type, the better (and faster) the outcome.

There are several different shapes of faces, and it’s important to know that not all brows will work for each shape of face. Someone, for example, who has a very flat brow naturally won’t look normal if we add too much arch to that brow. So it’s important to work with your natural face shape so that we can maximize the beauty of the brow, rather than trying to force something that doesn’t work on your face.

truyu beauty shaping perfect eyebrows for mirobladingThe six most common facial shapes are:

  • Long
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Heart

These are just starting points, as each person’s face is her own. But it’s helpful to know which type of face shape you have in the beginning so that we can shape the right brow for your face easier. What we’re looking for here are how to maximize beauty as well as balancing the face. There are several techniques at our disposal for discovering the perfect shape for your brows, however we do use the basic shape as a reference/starting point. For example, a flatter brow can really help compliment someone with a much longer face as this balances the face out instead of augmenting its length. Whereas someone who has a very round face, would need as high of arches as possible to help balance out the face so that it doesn’t appear wider than it actually is.

When we measure and actually get into the marking and drawing stage, we use several different tools to draw the shape. Remember we are looking for the brows to be similar but not exactly the same—sisters not twins. We use specialized calipers and a brow ruler that are built for the brow ridge so that each brow is the exact length and shape.

We use the string method and mark specific arch points based off placement of the eye and pupil in relation to the nose. We mark the skin with the string at various angles to help discover the ideal starting, ending, and high points of the brow. Typically, beautiful brows will follow the “Golden Mean,” with the first two thirds of the brow being where the brow begins to the high point, and the last third being from the high point to the end.

Each person’s face is going to have slightly different measurements, so the exact two-thirds to one-third ratio isn’t always going to be exactly the case. But rather, these are helpful guides and starting points.

We always measure and draw the brows while you’re sitting up. Gravity can change how your brows look when you’re lying down. So we draw them in while you’re sitting, and then lay you down to do the actual procedure.

perfect eyebrow arch with microblading

It is important to look into a mirror after the brows are drawn in. Because the drawings are accentuating the brows, our eyes don’t automatically “fix” the minor details and make them symmetrical when viewed in reflection. It sort of forces the brain to see what’s actually there rather than what’s perceived to be there.

How do you find the right shape for your brows? We take inspiration from the current, natural form. Then we take measurements of where the brow starts, where the ideal place for the arch is, and where the brow ends. If you don’t have brows, or have few hairs, we will help you design brows that fits your face shape perfectly.

Can you hide scars? Absolutely, though we can’t guarantee how the skin will heal and how well the skin will hold the pigment. 

Can you hide other blemishes or acne in my eyebrows? We never want to compromise someone’s health, and because of that, we can’t cover acne or moles. Moles change size and color and sometimes these changes are what can determine if there is a health concern.

Can you fix my old tattooed eyebrows? It depends. If the tattoo is still very dark there’s not much we can do unless the tattoo is removed. If the tattoo is worn and faint, we have some good options. You’ll need to send us a picture to see if you’re a good candidate for tattoo removal.

This is the essence of how we shape the brows. If you have any questions during your consultation or procedure let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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