Healing Stages

Understanding The Healing Process

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Every body heals differently. It’s important to understand that. This is a procedure, and while it differs from traditional microblading, we still are injecting pigment into the skin. And so the body has to heal and recover from the procedure. Don’t worry though, it’s less invasive even than tattooing.

What we find across the board is that most people notice the biggest shifts in the healing process within the first ten days. After about ten days, it’s going to vary even more person to person; however, the changes are not as noticeable. A few weeks after your lovely brows are finished, you may find some small changes, and if that’s the case, it’s completely normal and not anything to worry about. This is also why we have the followup appointment.

Now, some people may be fully healed and not even notice any real changes in their brows—the pigment goes in beautifully, the skin accepts it gracefully, and the brows are perfect.

Changes that may occur:

We want you to be fully prepared and aware of the process. There are few things more frustrating than crushed expectations. This is your face, and so we want you to be as prepared as possible. And don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process in person as well.

Before we jump into the timeframe breakdown though, we want to be as clear as possible—what we’re describing may not be your experience at all. So for example, like we said above, some people may not see or notice any changes. If your brows never scab after the process, that’s great! Nothing is wrong. If your brows do scab, nothing’s wrong and it’s completely normal. If your brows retain their shape from day one after the procedure that’s wonderful and normal for some people. If your brows change shape after a few days that’s completely normal. 

It’s all part of the healing process.


Day One—After the Procedure

You may notice that your brows are a little darker than the original color. This is normal. Because one of the primary purposes of the skin is to keep foreign debris out of the body, it’s going to heal the outermost layer of the skin first. But underneath, it’s still going to be healing and repairing the tissue. This will make the pigment appear darker than it really is as there’s a lot more going on under the surface that you’re body’s working on. This is normal.


Days Two through Four

You may notice that the shape and color change some. This is normal. The ink is a foreign body that your body is trying to gather and localize so that it can’t spread further into the body. Things are still healing. And so you may notice different parts of your brows thicker or thinner than right after the procedure. Again, totally normal if this happens. Also, at this point, there’s not as much redness under the skin, and so the color may change more (especially because the deep red of your own cells has been able to retract some).


Days Five through Ten

Maybe up to this point, there hasn’t been much of the above mentioned signs—which is fine. But around this time there maybe be some scabbing on the brows. Microblading, or any sort of semi-permanent makeup, still is cutting into the skin. The cuts are very fine and precise and as noninvasive as possible, but there’s still cutting regardless. So if scabs do appear, then that means that your body is working normally. Just remember not to scratch. Healing can be itchy. But when you scratch a healing scab, it causes more irritation. If left alone, for most people, when an itch from a scab makes its play, it’ll leave after a few seconds. Also, the Aquafor provided as part of the aftercare package will help reduce itching as well as provide the necessary moisture your body needs.


Days Eight through Ten

At this point, your body is deeper into the healing process. And like mentioned above, your body is essentially trying to localize the ink. So you may notice a bit more changing in the shape of your brows. The human body is fascinating, and among the various tools it uses for healing and protecting itself is essentially pressure regulation (basically inflammation). So because your amazing body is working at healing you, you may notice your brows change slightly in shape. This doesn’t mean it will happen as every body is different, but it is completely normal if it does.


After a Few Weeks

Typically after a few weeks your brows are looking good. Some people may notice flakiness earlier on, which is completely normal, and is just part of the healing process. Remember—do  not scratch. It takes about four weeks for the pigment to fully set in. So if there is a bit of changing color during this time, it’s nothing to worry about. Also, if you don’t notice much, still nothing to worry about. So much depends upon the individual—how your body heals, your age, how oily or dry your skin is, how tight the skin around your brows are, your diet, sleep and stress levels. A lot. What we’ve seen though is that after four weeks your brows are looking good, the color is fully set in, and now it’s just time for the touch up.


Six to Eight Week Followup Appointment

Is this appointment necessary? Yes. Digital microblading really is an investment in yourself, your time, your confidence, your natural beauty. And just like any other type of investment, it needs time to mature. Your brows are fully healed at this point, the color is fully set in, and you’ve seen the admiring looks your way. You’ve also had the time to get used to your new brows, see if there are any spots that need filled in more from the healing process, or maybe you want the shape changed somewhat. At this appointment—which is included in the original price of the procedure—we’ll perfect your already stunning brows. Touching up the brows before this time puts a lot more stress on the brows. They’ve been healing, and the deeper skin tissues take much longer to heal than the outer layers. Between the six and eight weeks mark of your original microblading procedure is the perfect time for your followup visit.

You are going to love your brows!

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