Digital Microblading

Our Specialized Microblading Technique

3D Digital Microblading

The technique we use is what’s known as 3D digital microblading, or micropigmentation, nanoblading or nanoshading. What’s the difference? And why do we prefer this technique?

We prefer digital microblading because it’s more precise, allows for a variety of semipermanent cosmetic techniques, and because it typically lasts longer. 

What’s different about 3D digital microblading, versus regular microblading, is that the tool is connected to a computer that injects pigment into the skin. Injecting allows for a longer-lasting semi-permanent cosmetic. The machine also controls both the speed and the depth.

Digital Microblading For Brows

The machine uses nano needles with a controlled, injection depth. Because the depth, speed, and injection are controlled, this allows for a much more precise brow and one that can last longer. Of course, how long your brows last will depend on many different factors such as your skin type, but what we do see is that 3D digital microblading typically lasts longer across the board.

And also because the machine does standardize the depth and injection, it’s not as invasive—which means faster and more uniform healing.

digital micropigmentation coeur dalene

The tool also allows us to do other types of techniques such as powdering, where we’re able to fill in the brows in addition to providing strokes. We use pressure, angle and dilution to get different techniques. With our Nano Hairstroke Brow, we pay close attention to the hairstroke and fill in with similar hairstrokes. After the brow lines are drawn in, you can opt for a Combination Brow and powdering will fill in the rest, giving the brow a nice, full, and natural look. If you select the Powder/Ombre Brow, the entire brow will be powdered and no hairstrokes added.

Regular Microblading

Regular microblading is a great option (just not the one that we use). We wanted to explain a bit of the difference here because there are some big differences. With regular microblading, everything is done via handheld tools, or they may blade with a hand tool and shade with a digital machine. It’s still a good semi-permanent cosmetic procedure and there are some amazing microblading artists out there. 

The “blade” is made up of several needle points. These tiny needle points act like micro blades (hence the name!) that are dipped in pigment and stroke the skin to mimic hairs. After the strokes are made, the artist fills it with pigment and wipes the ink away.

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