What Can I Expect?

You can expect a clean, comfortable, and professional environment during your procedure. Sarah is certified in Permanent Cosmetics and has her Bloodborne Pathogens certification and follows all OSHA regulations to ensure a safe procedure every time.

But more than the certifications and guidelines, you can expect real artistry. There absolutely is a science to making the perfect brows for your face, but even more so—it’s an artform. From the measuring and color matching, to the actual strokes, you can expect a real artist to help bring out the natural beauty of your brows.

The procedure that we do is called digital microblading.

While digital microblading is similar to the bladed method, we prefer using a machine because the semi-permanent ink is injected into the skin, rather than slicing the skin and adding pigment like traditional microblading. Our method then allows your body to accept the pigment easier as well as last longer than regular microblading with less color fade or blur as time goes by. Typically, your brows will last between one and three years depending on how oily skin is and how your skin heals.

The actual procedure takes around three hours. (And for more information on the procedure process, check out the procedure process page.) You can expect to be as comfortable as possible during the actual procedure. 

Some people wonder whether or not it hurts. Digital microblading is less invasive than both regular microblading and tattooing. What this means is that with the use of numbing cream, the pain is minimal to none. 

The procedure does use a tiny needle that injects pigment into the skin .2mm deep. We do numb the eyebrows beforehand so the procedure should be fairly painless.

TruYu Digital Micropigmentation MachineSo, we keep it simple and pleasant, thereby giving you a relaxed experience and beautiful brows.

Also, it’s important to know that every one heals at different rates. We have a breakdown of an average healing time frame over here. Some people may experience scabbing or flaking as their brows heal. That’s normal and a lightly applied ointment will relieve the itch. It’s important to never touch or pick the brows during this stage. It takes an average of four weeks for the pigment to fully set in.

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